Our Rhodian

jane peyton

One of our ‘Rhodians‘ was Jane Peyton, beer sommelier and Rhodia-notepad-lover. Not content with creating her own beers, writing books and being Beer Sommelier of the Year, Jane is now appearing in newspapers like The Independent explaining why we should consider drinking more beer and less wine. We will keep a lookout for more news on our Rhodians and let you know.

BOOM: America’s Explosive Oil-By-Rail Problem

Investigating the dangers around the transport of oil across America using an ageing rail network.

The sharp increase in domestic oil production has created jobs, decreased economic vulnerability to turmoil in the Middle East, and lowered prices of gasoline and home heating oil.

But there’s another side to this story.

In “Boom,” a joint investigation by The Weather Channel and InsideClimate News, we explore how the boom in oil has resulted in highly volatile crude oil being sent over aging, often defective rails in vulnerable railcars.

The MyRhodia Editor