Letters Live 2016

Rhodia are sponsors at the Letters Live event

London, 10-15 March 2016

Letters Live is a truly amazing event being held at the Freemasons’ Hall in London, celebrating literary correspondence throughout history. Each show features a range of great performers reading letters from people as diverse as David Bowie, Charlotte Bronte and Che Guevara. One of the joys of Letters Live is that one never knows who is going to take to the stage or what letter they are going to bring alive.

Last year’s event drew an amazing list of performers from Benedict Cumberbatch to Russell Brand, Jude Law to Stephen Fry, Ian McKellan to Kylie Minogue. This year we will see up to 80 performers with a cast list yet to be announced. We do know that it will include Benedict Cumberbatch, Russell Brand, Sir IanMcKellan, Jude Law, Dominic West, Geoffrey Palmer, Caitlin Moran, Hanif Kureishi, Shami Chakrabarti, Jarvis Cocker, Matt Berry and John Bishop.

What we are particularly proud of is the fact that Rhodia will actually form part of the event. The audience will be hopefully be inspired by the letters and performances and will be encouraged to seize the moment to write someone a letter. Rhodia will provide audience packs for people to write their letter which can be posted at the event. We are very excited by this opportunity and the partnership with Letters Live.

We have been working with Rhodia to help promote this amazing brand to a wider audience here in the UK. Throughout its history Rhodia has been quietly chosen as the go-to stationery brand of choice for so many cultural and design names, most notably Paul Smith who is such an avid Rhodia-user that he even had his own range commissioned. For us it made complete sense to associate Rhodia with the Letters Live event for here was an event that celebrated the act of writing through literary correspondence.

Sir Ben Kingsley
Letters Live
Olivia Coleman
Freemasons Hall