Essentials Box


  • GRID (5x5 mm)

    A grid of continental-style 5x5mm

Cover Colour

  • Orange

Size Format


The Rhodia Essentials Box is quite simply the best way to discover Rhodia notepads. A beautiful box that looks like an actual pad,  and contains a selection of the classic orange pads. For good measure it also has some of the iconic Rhodia pencils.

Key features:

  • 1 x Rhodia No.16 A5 orange grid pad
  • 1 x Rhodia No.8 orange shopping grid pad
  • 2 x Rhodia No. 11 orange mini grid pads
  • 2 x Rhodia pencils

What we like about this product:

  • The perfect introduction to the Rhodia notepad range
  • Makes an awesome gift idea