Rhodia…Why do I love you so?

I do not want to give it away, but if I had to choose one kind of paper till the end of days of it would be Rhodia.

Love the way my fountain pens glide on coated pages. Ink colours just pop and there is no feathering or bleedthrough. Fantastic news for all fountain pen addicts 😉 The writing experience for that price cannot be unbeaten.

I cannot speak on behalf of those who are new to Rhodia, but once you try it, you will want to get one. I have ‘turned’ a lot of people already 😉

This brand’s reputation can be summarised in just two words: good paper!

If i had to chose one…I couldn’t, but I can narrow it down to 4 (bare minimum)
(No18) Rhodia Orange Lined A4 for practicing handwriting
(No16) Rhodia R A5 lined for writing letters
(No16) Rhodia Orange Dot Pad A5 for fountain pen and ink testing
(No11) Rhodia Orange Grid pad for everything else on the go

 Rhodia because:

It resembles quality
It is fountain pen friendly
It does not feather or bleed
It is buttery smooth
It makes writing a pleasurable experience
White paper is bright white
Ivory paper looks classy


ps: If I could design my own Rhodia pad….Mishka would be No16 Ice Dot Pad.